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The Dumpster Drum

Steel String Guitar Basics

An Interview with Steven Dembroski, from Dream Guitars

Why Are There Differently Constructed Classical Guitars?

Whence the Steel String Guitar?
Or: The Steel String Guitar, For Dummies

Part 1   Part 2

Why Lutherie?
"American Lutherie" #58, Summer 1999

Principles of Guitar Dynamics and Design?
"American Lutherie" #36, Winter 1993

The State of the Contemporary Guitar
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4

"Fingerstyle Guitar" #40-44, 2000-01

Tonewoods in Guitars

Lutherie Trivia
"American Lutherie" #36, Winter 1993

Some Thoughts on the Differences Between Handmade and Factory Made Guitars

>> Online Illustrated Version
>> Spanish     >> French

My Adventures in Book Publishing

On the Matter of Advertising Slogans

Guitars, Virtue, and Nudity: The Guitar as an Icon of Culture, Class Status, and Social Values

"La Guitarra": A Psychological Insight Into Flamenco

The Carmel Classic Guitar Festival of 1977

The Guitar as an Emergent System

The G.A.L., Healsdburg, N.C.A.L., and Me
Part 1    Part 2

The Wisdom of the Hands

On The Challenges To The Luthier In Mastering Both Steel String And Classical Guitar Making

Top Thickness in Guitars (pdf)

Is it Art or Craft? (pdf)

Thoughts on the Passing of Paco de Lucia
Part 1: An Overview of Modern Flamenco

Part 2: A More Personal View

On Tonal Bloom (pdf)

Trompe L'Oeil and Wabi Sabi in Guitars


Interview: Ervin Somogyi
"Guitar Bench" #9, March 2014

Boxes You'd Like to Strum
"Fine Woodworking" #111, April 1995

A Luthier's Rosettes Become Artwork in Their Own Right
"Woodwork" #28, July-August 1993

The Guild #9
Designer's Reference Book of Artists, 1994

Wall Mounted Chest
The Art of Making Elegant Jewelry Boxes
by Tony Lydgate, 1996

Carved Lid Boxes
Award Winning Wood Boxes
by Tony Lydgate, 1995

Frets Look at The Somogyi Dreadnought Cutaway
"Frets" February 1980

Ervin Somogyi: Small Jumbo
"Player Magazine" (Japan) #384, 1998

Gallery of Woodwork (Photo Feature)
"Woodwork" #30, December 1994

Frets Look at The Somogyi Dreadnought
"Frets" January 1984

Sound for Art's Sake
"Nikon World" Vol 5. #2, Spring 1994

Interview with Ervin Somogy
Steve Drombowski, from Dream Guitars

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