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Carp Classic Guitar

Description: Classical guitar with koi carving. Brazilian rosewood back and sides; European spruce top; Alessi tuners; a good, solid Hauser-like sound. Please see the accompanying photographs.

As I say in my comments on the blog part of this website, I have an impulse to do something out of the ordinary from time to time. This is my "fix" of that drug for this time around.

The carved work is done entirely by hand (no laser or pantograph cutting) with surgical scalpels. The way this is carried out is by first thinning the designated part of the face to about 3/64" in order to facilitate the carving; and then simply working away patiently. The koi is carved directly into the face: nothing has been done other than removal of non-essential wood. Also, there's an optimal thickness of wood for every carved design. Perforations in a thin wood creates a look of laciness and delicacy that adds exquisiteness to the visual appeal to the design. Carving through a thicker material results in a more clunky-looking final result.

Next, I've backed the carving with some handmade Japanese paper (I chose textured paper for this application). The red paper was chosen to complement the redness in the Brazilian rosewood. Finally I re-establish the wood's initial thickness by gluing in a wood plug of spruce veneer. The top needs to be full thickness in order to be braced and made into a bona fide guitar. Also, the backing is essential to keeping the carved part from falling apart because it's too fragile.

As rosettes normally go around the entire soundhole, merely carving a koi next to the soundhole was going to make for an incomplete and unbalanced look. I added three concentric abalone-shell rings to re-establish the look of a normally completed rosette. Also, their glittering-green hues complement the koi motif by suggesting a rippled surface of water.

This is a handsome and unique guitar. Please get in touch for price information.

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