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OM Model

OM model is a bit smaller than the [newer and overwhelmingly popular] Dreadnought and Jumbo models, and it is having a resurgence of popularity after years of "bigger is better" thinking. It represents a transition from the guitar used as a private/social instrument (as the smaller parlor guitars had been) and the guitar used as a mass/public instrument. Its name -- the Orchestra Model -- tells the whole story.

Compared to previous, smaller guitars, the OM has a louder and more commanding voice by virtue of is larger size and air volume. It has a clear voice and throw its sound out pretty far, considering how small it is. In an orchestral setting its sound can cut through the room and be heard by the people in the back row. In comparison the sound of larger guitars -- again by virtue of their increased size and air mass -- is huge and boomy; these have a presence that is less well adapted to orchestral performance.

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