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Artwork: Rosettes as Art

Every guitar has a soundhole rosette -- whose look and complexity is limited only by the maker's imagination and his willingness to put in the time required. Rosette work can, in fact, be a minor art form all by itself.

Therefore it occurred to me, at one point, that the rosette can be appreciated by itself, without a guitar to function as a canvas for it. I began to make a few rosettes for their own sake.

These rosetted guitar tops represent a sampling of my approach to the beautification of the guitar. Some are inlaid, as guitar rosettes normally are; some are carved and incised, after the fashion of lute roses; some are both. While these rosettes are framed as Wall Art they could easily be removed from their frames and become genuine, fully functioning guitar soundboards. It goes without saying that all this work is done by hand and that many of these are one-of-a-kind originals.

Finally, soundhole decoration can range from the simple to the exquisite. However, as many luthiers are unwilling to do work that is as time-consuming as making their own, there's an active industry in commercially produced ones.

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