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Framed Guitar Tops

Unframed Rosettes

Rosette Closeups

The guitar rosette is the decorative inlay around the soundhole; it has no other purpose than to sit there and look… uh… as highly lookable-at as possible.  If one is making one’s own rosettes, that look more or less depends on how artistic one is; but one can also simply buy and use ready-made ones.  These look okay, though not artistic.  The rosette is also one of four main places on the guitar that the craftsman can show off his creative chops; the others are the bridge, the veneered peghead, and the back of the neck (and there are other spots on the guitar body that can be decorated in any number of ways, too).  

I like to play with decorative ideas for my rosettes.  It’s fun for me.  And some of those ideas spill over onto my guitars’ pegheads.  Having visual elements that reflect, support, and echo each other help to make the guitar into something more pleasing to look at – that tells you that it was made by an individual rather than by a committee.

All of these rosettes-set-into-guitar-tops are in frames and intended to hang on a wall.  They are furthermore set into high-quality ready-to-go guitar tops, should anyone wish a particular one used as a soundboard on a guitar of their own.