Custom Options

“Custom options” includes whatever you and I can agree on that will make your guitar be as you want – whether that is artistic, ergonomic, tonal, structural, having to do with special woods or materials, or some feature of design.   

The likeliest locations for these echoing touches are the front and back of the peghead, the back of the neck, the fretboard, and the heelcap.

The best ornamental and design work — in rosettes and/or anything else — is painstaking and time consuming.  It is also tastefully done, often with a deceptive simplicity.  My own sense of the best work is that it is not cluttered.  Ornamentation is done to make something beautiful; it does not make a guitar sound better or play more easily; but it does make each instrument unique.  The bottom line is that — as one strives to do such work tastefully — deciding how much (or little) of it to do, and how big or small to make it, and what colors and materials to use or not to use, and where to do it (or not do it) becomes part of the design. 

In the world of art, the concept of negative space is important: it’s the areas and spaces (and their shapes and sizes) that lie between the figures, and that add to the overall effect.  The negative spaces support and highlight the actual artwork; it gives it space to breathe, as it were.  In the guitar, the negative spaces are where no one has done any artistic overdecorating.  Here is a sampling of a few things that I have done in this area.