Concerning Somogyi Knockoffs

December, 2012

In Japanese:   

It has come to my attention that there have been some guitars recently introduced into the Japanese market that are using my “carved Carp top” design. They are doing so without my permission.

I am very much concerned about these knock-offs. I want to make it clear that Somogyi Guitars is not affiliated with those instruments and, I repeat, I have not given my permission to use my particular rendition of the carp design.

I understand that the carp is a traditional Japanese icon and that I am not the originator of that specific carp image. But I am the originator of that particular and specific artistic use of it on a guitar. I believe that my adaptation of that specific carp image to a guitar, in the way that I have done, is widely known and associated with me in Japan.

I am at present asking the company involved to immediately stop manufacturing and selling their guitars using my design in such a way as to create a similarity with any of my instruments.

I hope they will understand and honor my request and take the necessary steps to correct the problems.